WYD Meaning & Definition

WYD Meaning & Definition – What does WYD Mean in Texts or Conversation. If you are looking to find out the meaning of slang word WYD, then you are at the right place. WYD is an internet slang word or acronym used in conversations to ask people what they are doing.

WYD meaning

WYD Meaning & Definition

What is WYD

WYD is an abbreviation that stands for What you doing. It is an acronym used basically be people while chatting online. It expresses an interrogative sentence.

WYD Definition / WYD Means

The definition of WYD is “What You Doing?”. It means asking any person – “What Are You Doing?”.

Meaning of WYD

WYD means “What You Doing?”. With the advancement in technology and internet, the usage of slang word WYD has increased as people love to complete their sentence concisely and there comes the need of slang words which having the same meaning but can be written concisely.

What does WYD Mean in Texting

WYD is an abbreviation, acronym, slang word whose meaning is shared above. Check out WYD definition above to know what does WYD mean in texting.

Meanings of Other Acronyms from W-List

W2F – Way Too Funny WAU – What About You?
W2G – Way To Go WAW – What A Waste
W3C – World Wide Web Consortium WAYD – What Are You Doing
WACK – Low Quality WAYDRN – What Are You Doing Right Now?
WAFFLE – Pointless talk WAYLT – What Are You Listening To?
WAH – Working At Home WAYOA – What Are You On About?
WALAHI – I swear to God WAYTA – What Are You Talking About
WAM – Wait A Minute WAYWO – What Are You Working On?
WANNA – Want to WB – Welcome Back
WAP – Wireless Access Point WBB – Will Be Back
WBN – Would Be Nice WDIB – Why Do I Bother?
WBR – With Best Regards WDIC – What Do I Care?
WBS – Write Back Soon WDIM – What Does It Mean?
WBT – Will Be There WDMB – Will Do My Best
WBU – What About You? WDUD – What Do You Do?
WC – Welcome WDUM – What Do You Mean?
WCB – Will Call Back WDUT – What Do You Think?
WCYD – What Can You Do? WDYG – Where Did You Go?
WD – Well Done WDYM – What Do You Mean?



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