UTF Meaning and Definition

UTF Meaning | Definition | Full Form. Find out what does UTF mean and all meanings and definitions of internet acronym UTF here on this page shared by Slang Internet. The meaning of UTF is Unicode Transformation Format. Its an acronym that is used to tell the other people in conversation regarding anything that is Unicode Transformation Format for them whenever asked for ourselves.

What does UTF Mean

UTF means Unicode Transformation Format. We have shared the definition of UTF above for all those people who are keen to find out what is UTF and what it means. Basically it is a slang word used by people in this digital advanced world just to present their words concisely.

UTF Definition

The Definition of UTF is Unicode Transformation Format which is shared above along with other related slang words starting with the letter U on this page by the Content Management Team of

Related Slang Words
Slang WordsMeaningSlang WordsMeaning
UXUser ExperienceUTFUnicode Transformation Format
USPUnique Selling PointUSDUnited States Dollar
USBUniversal Serial BusUIUser Interface
UGCUser Generated ContentUWUHappy Anime Face

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