SMH – Meaning – Shaking My Head

SMH Meanings & Definitions

The Acronym SMH stands for Shaking My Head. It is an acronym used mostly to express disappointment, impatience, frustration or disapproval.

Definition of SMH on – Shaking My Head

What does SMH mean on – Shaking My Head

What does SMH stand for on – Shaking My Head

SMH on – Shaking My Head

Meaning of SMH on – Shaking My Head

Definition of SMH on – Shaking My Head

Definition of Acronym SMH on –Shaking My Head

Other Definitions

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

System Management Homepage (Hewlett-Packard)

So Much Hate

Soft Master Handover

Smack My Head

So Much Hell

Systems Materials Handling

Salted Meat Hug

Straddling My Horseradish

Scratching My Herpes

It came into existence in 2004 and first appeared on Twitter in 2007. It`s use is diverse in digital communication, especially in Internet communities to express disapproval or frustration. We suggest our visitors not to use Shaking My Head as the meaning of this acronym as in Australia, This Internet Slang means Sydney Morning Herald (The Australian Newspaper).

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