PAWG – Meaning – Phat Ass White Girl


PAWG Meanings & Definitions

The Acronym PAWG stands for Phat Ass White Girl. It is an acronym used mostly by black males for girls who are white in complexion and having big round butts.

Definition of PAWG on – Phat Ass White Girl

What does PAWG mean on – Phat Ass White Girl

What does PAWG stand for on – Phat Ass White Girl

PAWG on – Phat Ass White Girl

Meaning of PAWG on – Phat Ass White Girl

Definition of PAWG on – Phat Ass White Girl

Definition of Acronym PAWG on – Phat Ass White Girl

Other Definitions

Pennsylvania Wing (Civil Air Patrol)

Pissed Americans With Guns

Protected Areas Working Group

Premiere Anime Weight-Gain

PICA Assignment Working Group

Photonic Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Perfect Asian White Girl

Pretty Asian White Girl

This acronym has become popular with the advancement of digital world and people have started using this from 2010 onward in chats or their tweets. We suggest our website visitors not to use this word in any chat or tweets for any woman or girl without taking their consent as they might feel offensive.

So, By Checking the top ranking websites on google for this acronym, we have shared the top definition for our users. Thanks to our content team for collecting the correct definition of this slang word from top online sources for our website visitors so that they can get the best satisfactory definition here on this page.

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