BR Meaning

BR Meaning and Definition. Find out what does BR Mean, BR meaning and BR definition here on this page in detail.The meaning and definition of Slang word BR is shared below.

BR Meaning

The Exact meaning of BR is Best Regards.If you are curious to know what BR means or any other slang term from over 8000+ acronyms and slang words then browse Slang Internet for Computer slang terms, acronyms and trending abbreviations.

What does BR Mean

BR means Best Regards.

The Definition of BR

BR is defined as Best Regards.

What is BR

BR is Best Regards. This is what we have to share about BR on this page. We hope you found it useful. If you have any other or new definition/meaning of slang word BR, do let us know via your comments below. After verification, your submitted definition/meaning will be added on this page as well.

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